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A hybrid creative director and entrepreneur based in Dubai, with nearly 15 years of experience in design.
Nada Sardouk is an artist with a head for business and a true passion for human conscious design.

With degrees in graphic design, fine arts and fashion design, she has created a voice to be heard through founding companies in advertising, events and hospitality. For her, design is very personal so she coined the phrase “it takes heart and backbone” as she knows it takes all elements and energies to make a Brand excel.

Design is a dimension created and manipulated, to allow each Brand’s individuality to be expressed throughout the design process, a critical way of thought that resonates the Brand’s voice, presence and timelessness.
Norbert Weiner has said, "We are not stuff that abides, but patterns that perpetuate themselves, whirlpools of water in an ever-flowing river." That summarizes how this dimension evokes into further understanding of the environment around a Brand. Creativity is part of who we are as functional human beings and it applies to any character, stage and path.

“And that is the essence, to be in harmony with the natural rhythm of the universe.”

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You have a clear message, abd your dream clients understand what you are here to do.

You speak directly to your dream client's current situation and biggest struggles.

Your dream client can sense your vision, what you believe in, and what you stand for.

It's obvious how you're different and why you're the best fit for your dream client.

Tour dream client trusts you and believes you can deliver what you promise.

Your dream client can easily recognize you based on your consistent voice and visuals.

Your dream client sees you frequently because you show up in the right places.

The personality development is what we will be focusing on during the first phase through uplifting the visual and the communication aspect of the Brand.

During this first stage of branding, we will be locking down the look & feel, making final decisions about the overall message the brand is trying to convey before moving into the second phase, which is the big launch.

Accordingly, we will be refining the Brand tone starting from the identity, logo, communication & accessibility.

Branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.
We will achieve that through using the expertise & passion available to our best advantage.

As a second step we will focus on marketing and putting the product out there. This will come through a launching campaign concept and developing campaignable artworks that can be used as social media, print campaign material & website.

With every move made the objectives will be taken into consideration.
Since all the objectives are related, we will be able to achieve them chronologically.
Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B.
An effective Brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.
Your branding is your first promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your service.

- And perception is all that matters at this stage! –

You can't be all things to all people. Who you are should be based to some extent on who your target customers want and need you to be.
The foundation of your Brand is your logo. Your website, packaging and promotional materials all of which should integrate your logo to communicate your Brand.
Brand development is the process of creating and strengthening your professional services Brand. The process is divided into three phases.

The first phase is getting your Brand strategy right and aligned with your business objectives.
Second is developing all the tools you will need to communicate the brand, such as your logo, tagline, interior, experience ...
Finally, there is the phase of strengthening your newly developed or updated Brand.
Your Brand development strategy is how you go about accomplishing these tasks.

Defining your brand is like a journey of business self-discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable. It requires, at the very least, that you answer the questions below:

- What is your company's mission?
- What are the benefits and features of your products or services?
- What do your customers and prospects already think of your company?
- What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?

Logo. Place it everywhere.

Brand messaging. Key messages you want to communicate about your Brand.
Every employee should be aware of your Brand attributes.

Brand integration. How you answer your phones, dress code, e-mail signature...
Create a "voice" for your company that reflects your Brand. This voice should be applied to all written communication and incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials, online and off. Is your Brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy? Be more formal. You get the gist.

Slogan. A memorable, meaningful and concise statement that captures the essence of your Brand.

Design templates. Brand standards for your marketing materials through color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout.


Be true to your Brand. To make sure those customers will return to you or refer you to someone else.

Be consistent. I placed this point last only because it involves all of the above and is the most important tip I can give you. If you can't do this, your attempts at establishing a successful Brand will fail.

Develop a website & social media identity.
Having a website is the cornerstone of any new venture. Even before you print business cards, you should launch a website for your company, publish ads in free classified sites and use social media extensively.

This is necessary to create a buzz about your new company and the services you offer. Let people learn about your Brand from the web. Direct marketing campaigns should start from here only.

- Let's build your Brand -

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